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Training & Seminars

During the training and seminars, employees were provided with valuable opportunities to enhance their skills, knowledge, and professional development. The training sessions covered a wide range of topics, including technical skills, industry trends, communication strategies, and leadership development. Experienced trainers and industry experts led the sessions, offering valuable insights and practical tips to help employees excel in their roles.

The seminars provided a platform for employees to learn from each other, share best practices, and collaborate on innovative solutions to common challenges. The interactive nature of the training sessions encouraged active participation and engagement, allowing employees to ask questions, seek clarification, and apply their learnings in real-world scenarios.

Overall, the training and seminars played a crucial role in empowering employees to grow and succeed in their careers. By investing in continuous learning and development opportunities, the company demonstrated its commitment to fostering a culture of excellence and supporting the professional growth of its employees.

Module UI Forms

  • Training Sessions

    The module system is designed to help you organize and manage your training materials in a more efficient and streamlined way. Organizing your training materials, the module system also allows you to track the progress of your learners. You can see which modules they have completed, how much time they have spent on each module, and their quiz scores. This data can help you identify areas where learners may be struggling and provide additional support as needed.

  • Training Events

    The training events module is a crucial component of the overall training management system. It is designed to streamline the process of planning, organizing, and managing training events within an organization. This module typically includes features such as event scheduling, participant registration, resource allocation, tracking attendance, and evaluating the effectiveness of training sessions. By utilizing the training events module, HR and training managers can efficiently coordinate and administer various training programs, ensuring that employees receive the necessary skills and knowledge to perform their roles effectively.

  • Trainors

    Lookup maintenance in a training management system allows administrators or HR professionals to easily search and retrieve information about trainers or instructors involved in conducting training sessions. This feature typically includes a database of trainer profiles with details such as qualifications, expertise, availability, and past training experience. By using the data entry lookup function, users can quickly identify suitable trainers for specific training events based on their skills and availability. This streamlines the process of assigning trainers to training sessions, ensuring that the right individuals are selected to deliver high-quality training to employees.

Training & Seminars


  • Draw Date: 05/21/2024
  • Result: 46-05-13-40-01-29
  • Price: Php 49,500,000.00
  • Winner: 0


  • Draw Date: 05/20/2024
  • Result: 17-01-34-06-50-45
  • Price: Php 29,700,000.00
  • Winner: 0


  • Draw Date: 05/21/2024
  • Result: 19-37-31-49-41-47
  • Price: Php 18,833,170.40
  • Winner: 0


  • Draw Date: 05/20/2024
  • Result: 22-25-04-45-40-30
  • Price: Php 48,166,658.20
  • Winner: 0

LOTTO 6/42

  • Draw Date: 05/21/2024
  • Result: 34-39-11-10-36-09
  • Price: Php 6,519,974.00
  • Winner: 0

6 Digit

  • Draw Date: 05/21/2024
  • Result: 3-3-1-9-4-0
  • Price: Php 572,981.72
  • Winner: 0

4 Digit

  • Draw Date: 05/20/2024
  • Result: 2-2-4-0
  • Price: Php 28,159.00
  • Winner: 35


  • Draw Date: 05/22/2024
  • 2PM: 9-0-1
  • 5PM: 2-0-0
  • 9PM:


  • Draw Date: 05/22/2024
  • 2PM: 26-24
  • 5PM: 03-04
  • 9PM:


May 2023 Dentists Licensure Examination

April 2023 Criminologists Licensure Examination

April 2023 Registered Master Electricians Licensure Examination

April 2023 Electrical Engineers Licensure Examination

April 2023 Civil Engineers Licensure Examination

April 2023 Electronics Technicians Licensure Examination

April 2023 Electronics Engineers Licensure Examination

April 2023 Midwives Licensure Examination

April 2023 Real Estate Brokers Licensure Examination

April 2023 Pharmacists Licensure Examination

March 2023 Physicians Licensure Examination

March 2023 Medical Technologists Licensure Examination

February 2023 Mechanical Engineers Licensure Examination

February 2023 Master Plumbers Licensure Examination

February 2023 Respiratory Therapists Licensure Examination

January 2023 Sanitary Engineer Licensure Examination

January 2023 Architect Licensure Examination

December 2022 X-Ray Technologist

December 2022 Radiologic Technologist

December 2022 Aeronautical Engineer