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Filing of Leave With Pay

Employee leave filing is the process by which an employee requests and tracks their time off from work for various reasons such as sick leave, vacation, personal time, or other types of leave. This typically involves submitting a formal request to their employer through a designated platform or system, providing details about the type of leave requested, the duration, and any specific reasons or documentation required. Once the request is approved or denied by the employer, the employee's leave balance is updated accordingly and both parties are notified of the decision. Additionally, the filing system allows for the tracking and management of employee leave, ensuring compliance with company policies and regulations.

Here are some key benefits of maintaining an organized and efficient leave filing system:

  • Compliance: An organized leave filing system helps ensure that employees adhere to company policies and legal regulations regarding leave entitlements, accruals, and usage.
  • Transparency: Having a centralized system for filing and tracking leave requests promotes transparency and fairness in the distribution of time off among employees.
  • Improved productivity: By streamlining the leave filing process, employees and HR personnel can save time and effort, leading to greater productivity and efficiency in managing requests.
  • Accurate tracking: A well-maintained filing system enables accurate tracking of employee leave balances, reducing the risk of errors and potential disputes over entitlements.
  • Planning and scheduling: By having visibility into employee leave schedules, managers can better plan and schedule workloads to ensure adequate coverage during periods of employee absence.
  • Compliance with labor laws: Maintaining an organized leave filing system helps ensure compliance with labor laws and regulations, preventing potential legal issues or penalties for non-compliance.
  • Employee satisfaction: A well-structured leave filing system that is easy to use and provides timely responses to leave requests can enhance employee satisfaction and morale.
  • Cost savings: By efficiently managing leave requests and tracking usage, organizations can minimize costs associated with overtime, temporary replacements, or other expenses incurred due to unplanned absences.

Time & Attendance -> Manual Filing -> leave

Timekeeper filing of signed leave form before the timesheet processing. Fill up the form and click the "Submit" button to display records that have already been entered. The leave form attachment is required to submit the leave filing and automatically notifies the leave approver via email.


  • Bereavement Leave
  • Leave Without Pay
  • Maternity Leave
  • Parental Leave
  • Paternity Leave
  • Rehabilitation Leave
  • Service Incentive Leave
  • Sick Leave
  • Vacation Leave
Leave Filing Leave Balance List Leave Balance


  • Draw Date: 06/16/2024
  • Result: 46-36-58-02-50-19
  • Price: Php 138,242,942.80
  • Winner: 0


  • Draw Date: 06/15/2024
  • Result: 42-16-24-07-12-31
  • Price: Php 40,181,556.40
  • Winner: 0


  • Draw Date: 06/16/2024
  • Result: 04-28-41-43-27-11
  • Price: Php 62,288,805.80
  • Winner: 0


  • Draw Date: 06/14/2024
  • Result: 45-38-41-19-24-05
  • Price: Php 8,910,000.00
  • Winner: 0

LOTTO 6/42

  • Draw Date: 06/15/2024
  • Result: 14-36-22-16-07-13
  • Price: Php 53,699,200.00
  • Winner: 0

6 Digit

  • Draw Date: 06/15/2024
  • Result: 9-1-0-6-4-3
  • Price: Php 3,112,033.96
  • Winner: 0

4 Digit

  • Draw Date: 06/14/2024
  • Result: 7-3-6-7
  • Price: Php 85,304.00
  • Winner: 0


  • Draw Date: 06/17/2024
  • 2PM: 0-1-7
  • 5PM:
  • 9PM:


  • Draw Date: 06/17/2024
  • 2PM: 29-31
  • 5PM:
  • 9PM:


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