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Timekeeping Process

Timekeeping is the practice of tracking and recording the amount of time spent on various activities, tasks, or projects. Effective timekeeping is essential for individuals and organizations to manage their time efficiently, prioritize tasks, and ensure productivity and accountability.

In the workplace, accurate timekeeping is crucial for tracking billable hours, monitoring project progress, and evaluating employee performance. By keeping detailed records of time spent on different activities, organizations can analyze how time is being allocated, identify inefficiencies, and make informed decisions to optimize productivity and resource allocation.

Timekeeping tools, such as timesheets, time tracking software, and time clocks, can help individuals and organizations streamline the process of recording and managing time. These tools not only facilitate accurate timekeeping but also provide valuable data for analyzing work patterns, estimating project timelines, and improving time management practices.

By emphasizing the importance of effective timekeeping practices, individuals and organizations can enhance efficiency, meet deadlines, and achieve their goals in a structured and organized manner. Consistent and accurate timekeeping is a foundational element of successful time management and overall productivity.

Timekeeping Process Flow

Generate Timesheet

Generating a timesheet from biometric data involves utilizing biometric technology, such as fingerprint or facial recognition systems, to track and record employees' attendance and working hours. By integrating biometric data with timesheet software, organizations can automate the process of capturing accurate time and attendance information, reducing errors and streamlining payroll and scheduling tasks.

Biometric timesheets offer a secure and reliable method of tracking employee hours, as biometric data is unique to each individual and helps prevent buddy punching or time theft. Employees can clock in and out using biometric scanners, which capture their biometric identifiers and log their attendance in real-time.

The integration of biometric data with timesheet software enables organizations to generate detailed timesheets that accurately reflect employees' work hours, breaks, and overtime. By automating the timesheet generation process, organizations can save time and resources, improve payroll accuracy, and ensure compliance with labor regulations.

Process Timesheet

Timesheet processing involves the systematic handling and verification of time records submitted by employees to track their work hours. This process is essential for accurately calculating payroll, monitoring project progress, and ensuring compliance with labor regulations. By following a structured approach to timesheet processing, organizations can streamline administrative tasks, improve accuracy, and enhance overall efficiency.

The first step in timesheet processing typically involves employees submitting their time records through designated channels, such as online timesheet systems or physical timesheet forms. Once the timesheets are received, they undergo a review and approval process to verify the accuracy of the recorded hours and ensure that they align with organizational policies and project requirements.

After the timesheets are reviewed and approved, the data is ready for payroll processing. This may involve categorizing hours worked, calculating overtime, and generating reports for analysis and decision-making purposes. Throughout the processing stage, attention to detail and adherence to established procedures are crucial to avoid errors and discrepancies in time calculations.

By implementing efficient timesheet processing procedures, organizations can effectively manage employee work hours, track project costs, and facilitate timely and accurate payroll processing. Automated timesheet processing systems can further enhance productivity and reduce the administrative burden associated with manual timesheet handling. Overall, a well-structured timesheet processing workflow is essential for maintaining transparency, accountability, and compliance in time tracking practices.

Manual Filing / Online Filing

  • Timesheet
  • Overtime
  • Leave
  • Locator Slip
  • Temporary Shift
  • Broken Time
  • Invalid Editing

Timekeeping Reports

  • Daily Timel Logs
  • Invalid Data
  • Valid Data
  • With Timesheet
  • Absent Without Pay
  • Dates With Late
  • Approved Invalid
  • Approved Workhours
  • Workhour Distribution
  • Workhour Summary
Workhour Summary Report


  • Draw Date: 07/09/2024
  • Result: 01-31-21-32-30-43
  • Price: Php 49,500,000.00
  • Winner: 0


  • Draw Date: 07/10/2024
  • Result: 41-08-46-35-20-30
  • Price: Php 87,539,344.20
  • Winner: 0


  • Draw Date: 07/11/2024
  • Result: 28-03-19-41-02-13
  • Price: Php 131,924,972.40
  • Winner: 0


  • Draw Date: 07/10/2024
  • Result: 11-10-24-27-42-12
  • Price: Php 8,910,000.00
  • Winner: 0

LOTTO 6/42

  • Draw Date: 07/11/2024
  • Result: 41-36-08-07-11-23
  • Price: Php 7,450,306.20
  • Winner: 1

6 Digit

  • Draw Date: 07/11/2024
  • Result: 7-1-7-2-2-7
  • Price: Php 3,340,303.00
  • Winner: 1

4 Digit

  • Draw Date: 07/10/2024
  • Result: 3-5-4-8
  • Price: Php 54,977.00
  • Winner: 17


  • Draw Date: 07/12/2024
  • 2PM: 8-8-0
  • 5PM: 6-9-2
  • 9PM:


  • Draw Date: 07/12/2024
  • 2PM: 07-30
  • 5PM: 08-19
  • 9PM:


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